Judge Dredd and Who Looks Back After a Number Two? : Watch Movie Do Podcast! : Season 1 Episode 7

Derwin, Anthony, Valerie, and Dick watch Judge Dredd and do podcast.

Update from Pat McGrath:

Hey show,

Now that I’m all done cleaning my shoes I can listen to the most recent episode of WMDP!

Low and behold, a subject near and dear to the restroom is brought up. Do I look back after a Number Two? Yes.

In the interest of health, self maintenance and base curiosity I am often dumbfounded with the thought of “If this is what it feels like being extruded out of me, just what does this thing look like??” The soft ones, the hard ones, the non-solids and so on! While pooping, my thoughts wander back to past meals to determine how my diet affects this common, natural experience.

I really enjoy the music in the “Judge Dredd” movie.

Pat M

Oh. I have to go clean my shoes again…there are tears on them… Thank you, friends!




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